Here, you can increase the benefits and effectiveness of your legal library.

You no longer wish to overlook important commentaries on your law library and edition changes? Your law library should be up-to-date at all times? You see the value in making your law library accessible from any location and at all times?

We propose that you find intelligent support by way of a newly developed online administrative system especially designed for law libraries. This system informs you automatically and without effort about edition changes to YOUR titles. With an order, a title is automatically inserted into YOUR library (initially in the “ordered” mode), and viewable for all your registered library users. Bibliographic records are now a thing of the past. You have direct access to 1) accredited specialist legal databank updated on a daily basis, as well as 2) all available books and media of German-speaking publishers (circa 900.000 titles). And this for a minimum annual fee of Euro 208!

Each month we send you exclusive information on new editions of your title. Once a year you receive a systematic catalogue of your entire specialist library. The annual catalogue is structured according to eleven core subject areas and 364 subgroups.

Enter the word “beneketest” in the user field and, in the password field, the word “test”. In this demo-library you can a) research all title databanks, b) examine information and work possibilities, c) test index registers for several selected journals (here: MDR, ZAP and ZAP-Ost) and d) convince yourself of the user guide.

Should you find our offer convincing, then simply send us an email to that effect. We will then immediately establish contact with you. Notabene: as a specialist bookshop for law we acquire revenues through your orders of books and journals. Hence, we consider the library and administrative system as primarily being a service to our customers.

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