Beneke – The Competent Partner for Public Libraries

Public libraries comprise an integral part of municipal cultural life; they represent “the intellectual filling station of the nation.” (Helmut Schmidt)

Beneke has collaborated with numerous public libraries of all manner of fields and sizes for several decades – and not only in the university town of Tübingen or the neighbouring town of Reutlingen. We deliver to both domestic and foreign libraries.

The key feature of our services is consistent customer orientation:
  • Web-Shop “” on a daily basis
  • Online access to VLB – Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher [German Books in Print]
  • Active order management
  • Status reports on all current orders per email
  • Delivery display
  • Monthly account or, as the case may be, allocation to cost centres
  • Newsletter offers
  • Book samples and portraits of authors
  • Designated contact partners for a) monographs and b) extensions
  • Daily courier services in the Tübingen/Reutlingen vicinity
We are competent, rapid and reliable. Call us at Tel. No.: 07071 22 803

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