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In our specialist databank for law you will find a substantial body of works in and around the field of jurisprudence, standard texts on legal topics as well as online ordering possibilities. The data bank collates important and relevant material.

Your private library must no longer remain an isolated solution. The time-consuming typing and updating of title cataloguing may now be shelved ad acta. Try out this online administrative system especially designed for law library.

Commentaries for lawyers: what counts among the most important or best commentaries remains a contentious topic. Our selection criterion is really quite straightforward: Discretion.

Your rapid access to BGBl I+II [German Civil Code; vols. I & II].

Our service for you: the current status of loose-leaf publications by the publishers C.H.Beck and Vahlen on the subjects of law, tax and economics (display in Pdf format).

Sie suchen ein juristisches Forum im Internet? Oder einen Stellenmarkt für Rechtsanwälte? Sehen Sie unsere Jur. Links

Beneke is a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft unabhängiger juristischer Fachbuchhandlungen (IG UJB) [Working Group of Independent Specialist Booksellers] with locations throughout Germany. The purpose of this working group is the regular exchange of experience and knowledge on new developments – especially with respect to the new service instruments in legal media – as well as the pooling of resources and the further development and implementation of such instruments; here, the overall objective is to guarantee our customers in all member companies, dependable, high-level service and delivery services Unlike publishers’ in-house bookshops, among member companies this cross-publisher information and service policy represents the highest decree among IG UJB member companies.

Service Orientation:
  • Web-Shop “” with online ordering facility
  • Special online administration system for law libraries
  • Location recovery databank for legal magazines
  • Central access administration for online databanks
  • Active order administration
  • Delivery for inspection
  • Monthly account, as the case may be, separately allocated to cost centres

Newsletter offer Appointed contact persons for a) monographies and b) continuation

Book-binding Service Daily courier service within the Tübingen/Reutlingen vicinity. We work competently, rapidly and dependably. Contact us at: Tel. 07071 22 803

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