Information Management

The so-called “information society” only makes sense where available information is, in fact, available, namely, if, by the use of intelligent tools, such information can be individualized.

In the interests of uncompromising orientation on our customers our aim is to contribute to this task, since it is by way of the active use of the Internet that new opportunities may likewise arise for the classic bookshop. This does not primarily involve large-scale upheavals, but rather modifications here and there, which, taken together, ensure that a company or organization remains healthy.

One such, entirely unspectacular example, is our password server. Some among our customers maintain access to diverse online databanks. Different access data are required for each of these databanks. Our password server offer facilitates a bundling of these access data on only one Internet page, namely, the customer can now – without having to enter diverse passwords and user identification – gain direct access to all diverse online databank addresses from his start page.
As indicated, this is only one example. Another example is our virtual library. We continually tailor this and other such services in the field of information management to the wishes and specific requirements of our customers.

Such coordination is based on the experience that between the beneficiary and supplier of information there are always interfaces susceptible to adjustment on both sides, whereby the results led to mutually beneficial optimisation.

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