How to find your search item
The quick search is easy; enter the parts of the desired title and select “search”. The detailed search is thorough; select the catalogue or your field of interest (or another catalogue) and enter the specific search criteria.

How to initiate an order
In LibroNet an order functions according to the shopping basket principle. You know this principle from a normal shop: place everything you wish to order in a shopping basket. If, when finished, you no longer actually wish to purchase one of the selected books, then simply remove it from the basket before sending off the order. The content of your shopping basket can be inspected at the end of your purchasing. Once having sent off the content of your shopping basket you will receive a form which requests the necessary information. If you are already a LibroNet customer then your name will suffice. Only once having sent off the completed form is a binding order initiated.

How long does it take before receiving an order?
This depends on what item you have ordered. As a rule, we are able to deliver titles of your orders made via the quick search or catalogue one day subsequent to order submission (till 3.30 p.m.). Under the menu “Service/Databanks” you will find the estimated delivery time for each of our catalogues. If you live or work close to our offices in Tübingen then you may collect your orders in person (please mark the field “Collection” on the order form).

When do you receive news from us?
Invariably, when the ordered book is not sent to you the day after your order (receipt of order till 3.30 p.m.). In the case of deliveries abroad, we generally send you a message indicating date of shipment to the carrier.

Is it also possible to order from abroad?
Naturally. LibroNet is among the very first Internet bookshops (established in February 1995) and delivers its titles worldwide. However, payments for orders from abroad can only be made by credit card. We accept EuroCard/MasterCard and Visa. Shipping costs abroad can be found in the meu under “Company/Shipping Costs”.

Value-added Tax
All our prices contain 7% or 19% value-added tax. We indicate the per cent of value-added tax in the total price on each invoice (within the EG).

Are books expensive at LibroNet?
Like all German bookshops, LibroNet is bound to fixed shop prices. At Beneke most books cost no more and no less than in any other bookshop.

Is it possible to return ordered books?
Our aim is customer satisfaction. To this end, LibroNet offers its customers risk-free purchases: If, after purchasing at LibroNet you are dissatisfied with the delivery or the handling then simply return the goods to us. You will definitely receive your money back insofar as the book was obtained inland and is unused. In the case of returned consignments, please enter the reason for the return on the reverse side of the delivery form. Write in clearly visible form “Return Delivery” on the front page and send the delivery form or invoice and goods to:

LibroNet / Incoming Goods
Gartenstraße 16
72074 Tübingen

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