The bookshop Beneke was established in 1913. Today the main focus in business lies on working with libraries. Beneke is an independent and owner-runned company with 7 employees. The company’s object in future is to secure and to expand its part in the cooperation with libraries and universities ad home and abroad.

The independence of our company shall be obtained by sane finances
1. Beneke is a profit-oriented company. Pofits are necessary for Beneke to stay independant and to hold and create jobs.
2. Liquidity and sufficient capital resources are the condition for optimal financial management and investments for the future.
3. Growth and quality assurance are our most important aims.
4. We organise our decision-making and all operating processes customer-oriented and economically.
5. We have a clear leadership and communication structure.
6. Qualitiy assurance and controlling are central components of all operating processes.
7. Constant improvement of all processes is based on the ability of cognition and creativity of all employees.

The focus is on our customers
We regard the desires and requests of our customers as the central point of our daily work. The customer and his request always has priority. We offer our services actively. In case of claims we respond quickly, unbureaucraticly and with the most possible fairness.
We like working, assist actively the business objectives and take active part in its advancement
1. The ability and willingness to work within a team are very important for being successful. We keep our area transparent and change information.
2. Our communication is affected by fairness, respect and directness irrespective of position.
3. We are motivated, dedicated and kind.
4. We permanent improve our professional and social competence. Knowledge, curiosity and readiness to learn are basics of our success. This involves development and further education.
5. We are innovative and creative. Interest in new trends or developments is essential for the agility and future of our company.
6. We have a clear leadership structure and a fair leadership style. Discussions between employers and employees take place in order to clear our aims.

With our work we stand up for an open and pluralistic society
1. We are open-minded for social developments and support the cultural life of our region.
2. Ecological attention is part of our economic success; therefore we include ecological aspects in our decisions.

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